20 reasons why you should plant a Slender Weavers bamboo

Boz Bamboo

20 Benefits Of Planting A Slender Weavers Bamboo

  • Blocks Out Ugly Views Quickly – Be it a Telstra Tower or a colour-bond fence, it can be screened quickly.
  • Purifies Your Air Up To 3 Times  More Efficiently Than Other Plants – 35% more oxygen for your lungs.
  • Can Cool Your Garden Up To 8 Degrees In The Summer Heat – The outdoor air-conditioner.
  • Can Be Grown In Pots, Troughs Or Garden Beds – It does require a little extra care when grown in pots or troughs but it can be done.
  • Can Be Planted In Narrow Widths – Slender Weavers can grow in as narrow a space as 50cm and still reach 5 meters or higher
  • Beautiful Natural Privacy Screen – You can legally have a stunning evergreen living fence, try doing that with any fence material.
  • Beautiful Feature Plant (Looks Stunning With Lighting) – Gracilis looks amazing along a driveway, walkway or around the swimming pool with lights.
  • The Fastest Way To Get Privacy As It’s The Fastest Growing Land Plant – If you plant our Gracilis Bamboo 200mm pots, you will have a great screen in just 18 months.
  • Doesn’t Get Too Big Around The Base (forms very tight clumps) – The base diameter can grow to 1 – 1.5 meters, it can also be controlled with a few tricks we can show you.
  • Shallow, Non Invasive Root System – The root system is very shallow, around 30 – 40 cm deep.
  • Blocks Out A 2 Story Window Effectively – There is nothing worse than losing your privacy and someone looking into your house and yard.
  • Graceful – Blends In Well With Any Type Of Garden (Even A Native Garden) – Gracilis is a beautiful plant and belongs in any style of garden.
  • The Shoots Are Edible – Must be well cooked but it's not the first choice if you're after edible bamboo shoots, Oldhamii is much tastier I must say.
  • Free Poles For Tomato Stakes – Stop spending money at your hardware and garden store, you'll have enough to give away to family and friends.
  • Perfect Choice For Hedging Or Screening – Some people like the natural look and some like their bamboos trimmed. Once you cut (top) a culm (stem) it will stay at that height.
  • Great As Windbreaks And Noise Barriers – Noisy kids next door or you live on a busy street?  The bushy dense mature clumps of Slender Weaver Bamboo will reduce noise.
  • Drought Tolerant Once It’s Established – Gracilis likes water but once it's established it's drought tolerant.
  • Can Be Planted Any Time Of The Year In Sydney – With Sydney's temperate climate and mild winters, Gracilis can be planted all year round.
  • It Is Pest And Disease Free 
  • Extremely Useful For Soil Stability And Erosion